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Client comments, Jim Ramert, AKRA BUILDERS: 

AKRA Builders was pleased with the service of your company and your employees as you all where professional and completed your work on time.  And when we were in a pinch your team went over and beyond to make sure your work was performed ahead of schedule.  I very much appreciate the work you guys done and hope to do more business with you in the future.

Project description:

As one of the largest producers of acoustical and thermal fiber insulation for automotive applications, Janesville Acoustics provides innovative products that are cost effective, recyclable, weight conscious, and engineered to the highest quality standards. Ozark Fire Sprinkler was selected to provide a sprinkler system that met Janesville Acoustics self standards at their new Warrensburg Plant.  Ozark Fire provided a retrofit, re-engineered sprinkler system to meet the needs of Janesville Acoustics at their new facility.  Ozark Fire Sprinkler designed and installed new sprinkler systems over existing, inadequate sprinkler protection while cutting costs with reutilization of existing riser locations, electrical connection points, and existing supply mains.  Ozark Fire Sprinkler added a fire pump and also provided a clean agent system for the new facility.