Wet Sprinkler Systems

wet-system-sprinklerAutomatic sprinkler system where piping contains water so that upon the event of fire, water discharges instantly.

Deluge, Dry, & Pre-Action

dry-deluge-pre-action-sprinklerSpecialized automatic sprinkler systems that are used for a variety of situations where it is not desirable to have water actively in the sprinkler piping.  Commonly used in hospitals, data centers, attics, and other water sensitive areas.

Anti-Freeze Systems

A wet sprinkler system that incorporates an anti-freeze solution into the water inside the sprinkler system. This allows for installation in areas that are exposed to freezing temperatures.

Fire Pumps

fire-pump-sprinklerWhen the water pressure present is not substantial enough to supply the sprinkler system. A fire pump gives your sprinkler system the boost it needs to operate as designed.

Backflow Prevention Devices

backflow-sprinklerSprinkler systems and domestic systems alike are both supposed to have backflow prevention devices installed to help protect the drinking and potable water supply.  These devices are to be inspected and tested annually.  Ozark Fire Sprinkler can assist with all your backflow preventer needs.