Health Care

Ozark Fire Sprinkler has established itself as one of the premier fire sprinkler company when it comes to healthcare. Ozark Fire Sprinkler has been specifically requested for projects in all areas of the health care arena. We have worked on hospital projects ranging from the construction of new high rise towers, renovations of surgery suites, to quarterly inspections. We have a history in the health care industry and fancy ourselves as the know-it-alls of the sprinkler industry when it comes to medical construction.

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Industrial, Warehouse, Manufacturing

Missouri is known as a blue collar and producing state. Being in the middle of the country, many companies locate to Missouri for manufacturing, distribution, and storing. Ozark Fire Sprinkler has been a leader in this market since our inception. We have extensive experience in working on industrial, manufacturing and warehouse projects. We have worked on projects ranging in size and scope from 5,000 square foot warehouses to buildings over 500,000 sq. ft. We provide design consultation and recommendations for many clients in this area as codes, and regulations are constantly changing for storage and manufacturing spaces.

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image descriptionAccording to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 414,000 residential fires in 2007 accounting for 14,000 injuries; 2,895 deaths; and $7.5 billion in property damages. Having a fire sprinkler system installed in residential properties dramatically decreases the amount of damages to property in case of a fire and significantly reduces the potential for human harm. Knowing that Ozark Fire Sprinkler installed or maintains your residential fire sprinkler system, with our knowledge of NFPA 13, 13R, and 13D requirements and our years of experience installing sprinkler systems for single family houses, multi-family complexes, hotels, condominiums, and other residential properties will let you rest easy.

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Here at Ozark Fire Sprinkler we take pride in our work and we want others to be able to see our work. We take pleasure in working on projects where the general public will be allowed to utilize and enjoy the end product. We have install fire suppression for schools, Colleges/Universities, governmental buildings, collegiate and professional sporting arenas, event centers, churches, and city halls.

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Retail and Office

Ozark Fire Sprinkler has developed extensive experience from working on a variety of retail projects ranging from small independently owned businesses, to restaurants, to department stores and movie theaters to shopping malls. When it comes to office buildings, no company is better. Since 1976, Ozark Fire Sprinkler has installed and serviced sprinkler systems for high-rise, multi-story office buildings, corporate headquarters, and office parks.

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